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Our largest style at 2.5", this will look great on a variety of women.  Large nipples sometimes look better on even small breasts, so we included it in the next 20 variety packs as well!  

The second most popular style, looks great on a variety of skin tones.  Many survivors have brought the rebecca into their qualified tattooer to get them permanently inked, with variations according to what works for their own skin colour!


Designed for medium skin, this colour will work on all skin tones from light medium to medium-dark skin. 

Rebecca Large

  • This was designed by Stacie-Rae, is the second original style and named after her stepmother, who has also passed and publicly stood up for womens rights and freedoms in the workplace.

  • *No returns or exchanges*

    This is an intimate item and there will be a zero return policy. Make sure you order the style you like best for now!

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