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Read through to the bottom to learn how to prolong your wear even more!

- Cleanse oil from skin with alcohol swab or other oil remover.
- Remove plastic cover from NIPPLEBACKS
- Carefully decide where you want to put them, place them to flatter your new body
- Place NIPPLEBACKS face down with the highlight at the top
- Press and hold with a wet cloth for 30 seconds.
- Carefully remove backing. Wet and hold longer if it doesn't seperate with ease
- Use wet cloth to carefully wipe the NIPPLEBACKS. This will remove all extra adhesive for cleaner wear
- Once dry, pat with baby powder to stop clothing or microscopic fibers from sticking to the NIPPLEBACKS
- To remove, either just rub it off after a shower, or apply a little bit of coconut oil or makeup remover



NIPPLEBACKS will withstand a light and gentle wash in the shower. Dry them carefully and apply a very light dusting of powder to keep them looking fresh even longer!



Wear happily and buy often!


Until you are ready for the real thing. You may never be ready for the real thing, and we can design you your very own style for a lifetime supply. You can purchase 6 mont and 1-year supply amounts.

When you are ready for permanent artistic tattooing of the nipple/areola complex, please find a heARTist in your area on the artists page of

How to apply

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