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Deposit Terms and Conditions


Please read before leaving a deposit.


Most tattoo appointments are pre-booked to allow time to draw the design.


All pre-book tattoo appointments require a deposit to hold the appointment time and allow the artist to start the drawing process. All tattoo deposits are non-refundable to cover time spent/lost by the artist. All deposits come off the total price of your tattoo. Deposit are carried over to each subsequent session until the peace is finished to reduce the amount of no-shows.


Please research what you would like to get done for a tattoo before booking an appointment. 


Some artists have a longer waiting period than others due to higher demand for their work. Please realize that each artist is only one person and can only do a certain amount of work in one day.



The rules:


- Please eat well before your tattoo appointment. Those that don’t eat beforehand run the chance of running out of energy and increase in their chance of not feeling well or passing out.

- Only the person getting tattooed is allowed back in the procedure area. This is for health and safety reasons and to prevent your artist from being distracted. (Unless otherwise stated)

- Please shower before coming in to get tattooed. (Water on a new piece is not wise.)

- Please call if you need to rebook or cancel. I heads up as appreciated as it may give opportunity to book in someone else or work on artwork if we know you can’t make your appointment. Obsidian requires 72 hours notice on booking or cancellations or your deposits will be forfeited. 

- Please don’t wear your favourite piece or good clothing to your appointment. Even though your clothing is protected to our best effort, contamination can happen and tattoo ink does not come out of clothing very easily.

- Please be patient with your tattoo artist.  Sometimes a cancellation is needed if we are not happy with the artwork, something comes up with family members, or your artist becomes sick. Please remember your tattoo artist is only one person and can only do so much work and sometimes get run down. We do not want to tattoo you if we are not completely happy with the artwork or are not feeling well. Your tattoo is with you for life and should be the best it can possibly be.

- Please ensure an open schedule around your tattoo appointment. Sometimes things happen artists fall behind and things sometimes take longer than expected. Also try to avoid getting tattooed right before a vacation where you will be in the sun or water. You will need at least six weeks healing time before you can expose your tattoo to the elements.






- You MUST be 18 years of age to be tattooed at Obsidian. Government issued ID. required. NO exceptions.

- Do not consume alcohol at least 8 hours before your appointment time as it thins your blood. Hangovers decrease energy and increased sensitivity during the tattoo procedure.

- Do not take Ibuprofen 48 hrs before getting tattooed, it is a blood thinner. Acetaminophen is fine.

- Please eat something substantial in the 4 hours before your tattoo appointment. This will give you more energy and prevent fainting. You can bring snacks and drinks to your appointment. 

- All cell phones must be turned on to vibrate mode during the appointment to prevent distractions. 

- Please note there can be circumstances where your artist may be running behind. We will do our best to let you know before you arrive.

- A deposit is taken to hold all tattoo appointments. THIS DEPOSIT IS 100% NON REFUNDABLE and will come off the price of your finished tattoo. If I your tattoo requires multiple sessions and appointments, the deposit will carry forward and be taken off the final session. Deposits are taken to cover the tattoo artists time if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment. Your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be FORFEITED if the above conditions are not met/agreed to for any of the following reasons:

- If you are more than 15 mins late for your appointment. 

- If you do not provide us with at LEAST 3 DAY/72 HOURS CANCELLATION OR REBOOKING NOTICE.

- If you don’t have sufficient government issued ID to prove you are 18 years of age, if it is requested at the time of appointment.

- if you miss your scheduled appointment time or show up on a different date or wrong time.

- Again, DEPOSITS ARE 100% NON REFUNDABLE from the time of booking. The deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo but will be kept to cover the tattoo artists time/work if you choose not to get tattooed. 


Thanks Cindy

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