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The BRAND NEW style of Rebecca, in a Medium size - 2”.

This style has stronger highlights to look even MORE 3D on darker skin tones! Don't judge it by the way it looks on a white background, this is one you GOTTA try on to see for yourself!

The texture on the areola is stronger so that it looks natural from a few feet away!

The second most popular style, looks greT on a variety of skin tones.

Designed for medium-dark skin, this colour will work on all skin tones medium to medium-dark skin.

*This was designed by Stacie-Rae

Rebecca Medium

  • This was designed by Stacie-Rae, is the second original style and named after her stepmother, who has also passed and publicly stood up for womens rights and freedoms in the workplace.

  • *No returns or exchanges*

    This is an intimate item and there will be a zero return policy. Make sure you order the style you like best for now!

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